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Feeding Therapy

A cute Asian baby girl sitting on dining table practice eat food by her self, Baby-Led Wea

The Goal Of

We can provide Feeding therapy in your home or child’s learning center/daycare. We work with a variety of feeding, swallowing, sensory and oral-motor needs.

We will complete a comprehensive feeding and oral-motor evaluation. We look at the whole child when determining our treatment plan. If treatment is needed we may use any combination of the following approaches in treating your child and helping them to expand their foods:

  • Feed The Peds

  • Sequential Oral Sensory (S.O.S.)

  • Food Chaining

  • Talk Tools Sensori-motor approach to feeding

  • Beckman Oral Motor

We will help to improve your child’s food and liquid intake at their own pace. Whether it’s working on positioning, specific cup/utensil use, oral-motor exercises, and/or compensatory strategies, our goal is to improve your child’s nutritional intake, both safely and effectively.

Mother feeding baby with blue baby spoon. First baby fruit puree. Close up photo of caucas
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